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For those of you that decided to continue reading the stories on my website, I hope you love it! And I would also really love to know what you thought about it 🤗 Happy reading ❤️❤️

Sweet Kitten: Chapter Five

Max I slowly awoke, but I didn't open my eyes. I was the most comfortable I had ever been. My hands ran over the soft sheets under me. What thread count were they? They were so fucking soft. The comforter covering me was weighty and just right. I usually slept with thin, light blankets and... Continue Reading →

Boy Toy: Chapter Three

Clay I was just draining the pasta when I heard the front door being unlocked.  I nervously fixed my hair, hoping I looked okay. Then I cursed at myself. What’s wrong with you, Clay? You don't need to impress him! Then why’d you cook dinner for him? I sighed and made sure all the water... Continue Reading →

Boy Toy: Chapter Two

Clay The hot water ran down my body and washed away all the dirt and grime that had been stuck to my skin. Maybe the hot water wasn’t only cleaning my skin...but my soul too. That was so cheesy. But this morning, when I woke up in a warm bed with dim light streaming in... Continue Reading →

Boy Toy: Chapter One

Clay I was sitting against a cold brick wall, knees pulled to my chest and my face cradled in my hands.  I was tired. Just so tired. I knew I shouldn’t sleep on the street again, but those shelters were always so scary. I should have stayed at the halfway house after I got out... Continue Reading →

Sweet Kitten: Chapter Four

Max Even though I’d worn panties before, after I was alone in the room again, I felt extremely uncomfortable in them. Maybe because I knew I was being watched? I glanced at the camera with suspicious eyes. Was Mr Psycho the only that was watching me or did he have the other people that worked... Continue Reading →

Sweet Kitten: Chapter Three

Max I cried until there were no more tears left. I couldn't remember the last time that I had cried like that. I usually kept a pretty calm composure.  But nothing so terrible had happened to me in a long time. I hadn’t had the greatest childhood. Definitely not.  I had been homeless at the... Continue Reading →

Sweet Kitten: Chapter Two

Max I stared up at the man with a look of pure terror.  I wanted to guard my expression, but I couldn’t wipe it off my face. I had just been purchased like cattle.  I had no idea who this Russian man was and what he was capable of.  I squeezed my eyes shut as... Continue Reading →

Sweet Kitten: Chapter One

Max The October night was cold, freezing cold. It was only going to get colder as winter came closer and closer. I didn’t know how I was going to survive as I worked the streets at night. How was I supposed to attract guys when I couldn’t show as much skin as I usually did? ... Continue Reading →

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