Sweet Kitten: Chapter Two


I stared up at the man with a look of pure terror. 

I wanted to guard my expression, but I couldn’t wipe it off my face.

I had just been purchased like cattle. 

I had no idea who this Russian man was and what he was capable of. 

I squeezed my eyes shut as if I could make this nightmare end. 

The man touched my long hair, running his fingers through it as if he was admiring it and it caused me to shudder. 

I heard the man with the microphone auctioning off the other boys and girls, but they weren’t my problem. I had to worry about myself. As much as I wished I could just snap my fingers and save us all from this hell, that was not going to happen.

I heard the man tsk and then he touched my cheek. His touch made my skin crawl. 

He tried to make me look at him again, but I kept my eyes shut. I didn’t want to see that face. That expression was pure evil. This was not a nice man that was going to pamper and take care of me—no, he had other things planned.

He continued to touch my hair for the rest of the auction and then it seemed, after a time, everyone was leaving the room.

“Come along, my pet,” he said, sounding cruel and amused.

I didn’t move as he pushed his chair and stood up. I didn’t want to leave this spot. I didn’t feel safe here, but it was better than moving and going god knew where with this man.

But he grabbed my arm tightly and pulled me to my feet. He was strong. Way stronger than I was and that meant there was no way I was going to be able to fight against him. 

He was tall and I didn’t even reach his shoulder. 

He wrapped his arm around my body, but not in a sweet way—it was just a way to restrain me.

We began walking from the room and I kept my eyes open so that I wouldn’t trip over my feet or someone else’s and possibly make this man angry with me. 

I tried not look at anyone, but I saw that some of the other people that had just been auctioned off had the same look of fear that I had on my own face.

The Russian man guided me down a long hall on the boat and I saw the other men and women at the auction retreating to other rooms and hallways of the boat—some of them had new ‘property’ and some didn’t.

Eventually the man and I reached a room down a few different hallways and he opened the door. We walked inside and he locked the door behind us.

It was a large room that had a bed, a couch and a couple chairs, along with a table to eat meals at. There was a spacious bathroom through a door off a small hallway.

He let go of me and moved further into the room, seeming confident that I wasn’t going to try to get away. 

He sat in one of the chairs at the small table and said, “Come closer, Kitten.”

The pet name really set me on edge. It was a sweet name, but there was nothing sweet about the way he said it.

I took a few steps toward him and stopped.

He watched me and simply said, “Remove the underwear.”

My eyebrows drew together and I felt like crying. 

What was he going to do to me?

I should be less scared about being used sexually—I had been used sexually by many men for years…but there was something about this man that made me terrified.

When I didn’t do what he ordered, he said in a firmer tone, “Do not make me tell you a second time.”

I shivered and slowly nodded. 

I ever so carefully pushed the underwear down my legs and stepped out of them.

I was used to people seeing my body, but I had never felt so exposed before.

It was only him and I in the room, but it almost felt like there were thousands of eyes on me.

I didn’t look at him as he admired my naked body. 

“Turn around,” he commanded.

I turned and gave him a view of my bare ass. He hummed, seeming pleased.

“Come over here,” he ordered again.

I turned and walked a little closer to him.

There was an aura that this man gave off, that made me want to stay as far away from him as possible. It was sinister and awful, making my skin crawl as I walked even closer to him when he beckoned me with his finger.

Finally I was close enough for him to touch me and he reached a hand out, gently touching my hipbone.

I wanted to move my arms and cover up my body, but I had a feeling that would anger him so I kept them still at my sides. 

I wasn’t usually such a submissive person. I did have a backbone. But there was something about this man that made me feel like a tiny animal that could be so easily crushed if I did the wrong thing. 

He was able to bring me to my knees—literally.

“Kneel,” he commanded in the same dominant tone that he always had.

I didn’t hesitate and I kneeled in front of him. 

“Good Kitten,” he said with something that could be called a smile if it was on anyone else’s face. On him it could only be called a smirk and not a kind one. He then asked, “Are you hungry?”

I hesitated. 

Was I?

I hadn’t had solid food in I didn’t know how long. Food did sound really nice. But what was he expecting me to say? Did he want the truth or did he want a certain answer?

“Tell me, котенок,” he said firmly.

“Y-yes,” I said meekly.

“So my pet does speak?” He asked, seeming amused.

My mouth twitched as I got a glimpse of something in him…something that wasn’t all evil.

But then the look fell from his face and his face became stern once again and I looked away. I was probably just imagining things. 

This man was not a kind man.

And I needed to figure out a way to get away. 

Ricky was back at home and he was probably wondering where I was…But…I had told him I was never coming back the last time I had seen him. So maybe he thought I had kept my promise and really wasn’t worried about me at all. What if no one was looking for me? Was no one out there worried about what happened to me?

My stomach sank at that thought.

I could be stuck with this man and no one would care. 

I stayed kneeling with my head down as the man got up and went to another part of the room. He picked up a phone and spoke into it—ordering some food but I wasn’t listening enough to know what he had ordered. 

He came back to the table and sat. He reached out and touched my hair again. He seemed to like it a lot and I thought that maybe after I had escaped him, I would cut it so I wouldn’t feel the phantom strokes of his fingers against it. This experience would haunt me forever.

We were silent as he touched my hair and occasionally my face until the food arrived. 

He got up to get the door when someone knocked on it and then he came back with a tray of food. He set it on the table and sat once again.

He lifted the lid that was covering the plate to keep it warm and the smell of steak and potatoes wafted over to me. My mouth began watering instantly. 

I scooted a little closer, staring at the food with wide eyes and the man laughed at me. But I was too hungry to feel ashamed at his cruel tone.

He cut a piece of steak off and held it out to me on a fork and I looked at it and then up at him. He raised an eyebrow. 

I lowered my eyes and put my mouth around the fork, taking a bite of the steak. I pulled away and chewed, loving the taste. I didn’t know the last time I had steak—not for many, many years. It was delicious.

“I certainly cannot trust you with a knife and fork,” he commented as he began feeding me more. 

It was embarrassing to be kneeling in front of this man as he fed me as if I was a child, but I was so hungry that I almost didn’t care. Maybe if I was more in my right mind and I would put up more of a fight, but I could still feel the affects of whatever drug they had kept me on for all that time.

Is that why I wasn’t trying to get away?

Or did I really not have the backbone that I always thought I did?

Or maybe it really was this man…that had me under some sort of spell. 

He fed me and took bites in-between for himself.

“You will be kneeling a lot, my Kitten,” he said at one point. “You should get used to it.”

I didn’t want to think about being with him long enough that I got used to this sort of thing.

But the food was the most delicious I’d had in my entire life and right at the moment I didn’t mind kneeling at his feet. That was probably a fucked way of thinking—being so grateful for a decent meal that I didn’t mind being owned by a man I was sure was capable of some pretty cruel things.

“You are too skinny,” he commented. “We will have to get some meat on your bones.”

I would’ve loved to have more meals like this. 

Was I really that weak that I was willing to be compliant just for a good meal?

One part of myself was willing to go along with this…the other part was disgusted.

I was sad when all the food was gone and I still didn’t feel satisfied. 

The man seemed to sense that because he said, “Don’t worry, you will get more food soon. But I’m assuming you are unused to having food like this, which means we don’t want you getting sick by eating too much.”

I wasn’t sure if he was more concerned about me feeling terrible or me being sick all over his nice shoes. 

Either way, I was looking forward to later when I would get to eat again.

But that meant I was expecting to still be in this man’s presence later.

Don’t tell me you’ve given up, Max, a little part in my mind cursed at me.

I hadn’t given up, I knew that. But I was weaker than I thought and right now I just wanted more food.

The man wiped at my mouth with a cloth napkin and I looked up at him with what could only be called a submissive expression.

I hated myself. 

I was bending too much to him.

But then he picked something off the tray and held it in his fingers.

It was a little pill.

“You must go to sleep now, Sweet Kitten,” he said. “Next time you wake up we will be home.”

I shook my head, not wanting to go back to sleep. I was scared of what might happen.

Right now I was somewhat in control. But if I was back under, anything could happen and anyone could do something to me. This man could take complete advantage of me.

But I didn’t stand a chance against his strong hold on the back of my head as he quickly shoved the pill down my throat. I didn’t even get a chance to react.

He then brought a glass up to my lips. 

“Drink,” he said with lowered brows.

I whimpered and did what he said.

I was so fucking weak.

I truly, truly hated myself.

I felt sleepy quickly and the man picked me up and carried me to the bed. He put me down softly and pulled the blankets over me. 

The last thing I saw were his cold, grey eyes as he brushed some of my hair away from my face.


When I awoke, I felt my body bouncing lightly. 

I was laying down and my head was resting on something.

Without opening my eyes, I realized that we were in the back of a car and my head was resting on the man’s lap.

He had his large hand resting on my head, occasionally petting my hair as we bounced along the road. It didn’t seem that we were on a city road with the way we were bouncing along—must have been a country road.

As his hand touched my hair, I had two complete different feelings all at once. I felt like my skin was crawling at the feel of his hand on me…but there was another part of me that just wanted to stay here forever.

I could forget that this man had purchased me like I was a piece of meat. I could imagine that I was with someone who cared about me—someone who would let me sleep on their lap and pet my hair. 

His touch was so gentle, but I had a feeling that it wouldn’t always be gentle. 

I was afraid to move my head off his lap in case that he would lash out. 

So far, he hadn’t been violent with me. But I was very aware that he was capable of it, even if he hadn’t shown that to me yet. 

I realized that I didn’t know his name. Only that the man with the microphone had called him Mr Lenkov. 

He didn’t even know my name—he had only called me Kitten.

He then said, in a deep voice, “I know that you are awake.”

I stiffened slightly, but he kept up the gentle petting of my head and I couldn’t help but relax again.

When I didn’t have to look at him, it was much easier to pretend that I was with someone else. If I didn’t have to hear his Russian accent, I could imagine I was with anyone. Maybe I was even with Ricky.

I would’ve done anything to be back home with him. I wouldn’t take him for granted and I would help him get off the drugs and we would be happy together again.

But that was a fantasy at the moment because it didn’t seem possible to get away. Besides, I had no idea where we were. How would I find my way home?

I just assumed we were no longer in the United States.

“We are home, Kitten,” he said when the car stopped.

He made me sit up and I looked out the tinted window at a large house. It could be considered a mansion.

It was surround by trees and nothing else.

There seemed to be no other houses in sight. We were completely isolated. 

My heart and stomach sank. How was I supposed to get away when we were in a place like this?

He touched my cheek before getting out of the car and holding his hand out for me.

I was no longer naked, which I was very thankful for. I was wearing underwear and a dress shirt that presumably belonged to the man because it hung almost to my knees.

When I was out of the car, he wrapped me up in his arms. Again, not in a loving way. It was a dominant hold, only meant to keep me from running away.

We approached the house, climbing the stairs to the front door.

Someone opened the door before the man could. 

“Welcome home, Mr Lenkov,” a younger man with brown hair and blue eyes greeted at the door in a Russian accent.

“Thank you, Alexei,” the man said and brought me into the home.

The young man, Alexei, looked at me with curious eyes. 

With the way he had spoken, in a Russian accent…I assumed that we were now in Russia. Which frightened me beyond belief.

I was so far away from home.

Someone came behind us, carrying luggage. I presumed that he was the driver of the car. 

Alexei then asked, “Can I get you anything?”

“I will be back down shortly,” the man said, “But right now, I’m going to take my new pet to his room.”

Alexei nodded as if that wasn’t a strange thing to say.

The man kept his grip on me and began guiding me up a large staircase that was directly in front of the foyer.

The house was very nice and furnished with expensive things. I wondered what the man did for work and how he was able to afford all this along with having a staff, like his own driver. I only guessed that Alexei was some kind of butler.

We walked up the stairs into a long hallway. The walls were painted a warm red and we carried on to a doorway.

It was a bedroom, looking quite normal.

But then he walked over to a full bookcase and ended up pulling it away from the wall, reveling another door.

There was a keypad and he entered something but he positioned me just so that I wouldn’t be able to see.

The door opened and I felt my heart beating very quickly.

He brought me inside the hidden room and I only looked around for a second before I faced him, trying to give him a pleading expression.

“You will have everything you need here, my Sweet Kitten. I will see you later when it is time to eat.”

With that he turned away from me, but I grabbed his sleeve.

“Please,” I cried. “Just let me go. I won’t tell anyone!”

He turned his head to give me a look. His expression let me know just how truly stupid that suggestion was.

“Let go of me,” he said in a tone that said he was calm, but not for long. “You do not touch me without my permission.”

I quickly took my hand back so that he wouldn’t hurt me.

“You will behave,” he told me. “You don’t want to find out what happens when you don’t.”

I whimpered and felt tears finally springing to my eyes after all this time. I had held them back for so long.

The man left and I didn’t try to stop him this time.

The door slid shut and I could hear him entering the code on the other side.

I collapsed onto the floor, right there. And sobbed.

I had waited too long to try to get away and now I was resigned to my fate.

I was weak and stupid.

The weakest person I ever knew.

I hated myself.

I hated myself.

I hated myself.

I had let a psycho trap me in a foreign country with no way out. 

I sobbed into my hands.

What are you going to do, Max?

….What was I going to do?

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