Sweet Kitten: Chapter Four


Even though I’d worn panties before, after I was alone in the room again, I felt extremely uncomfortable in them.

Maybe because I knew I was being watched?

I glanced at the camera with suspicious eyes. Was Mr Psycho the only that was watching me or did he have the other people that worked for him around his house watching me too?

Either prospect made me very uncomfortable. 

I thought about pulling the blankets off the bed and wrapping them around me so no one could see my body anymore. But I had a feeling that would earn me some sort of punishment, so I refrained. 

I glanced around the room, wondering what I should do to pass the time. Or should I really just wallow in self pity like Mr Psycho had told me not to do just to spite him?

I sighed and went over to the bookcase and picked up a random book off the shelf. I took the book over to the bed and climbed onto it. 

I laid down and put the book in front of my face, pretending to read.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had read a book. I used to enjoy it, but I only read books I could get at the library because my family couldn’t afford a brand new book. They were actually pretty expensive in the grand scheme of things. And why buy a book when you could spend that money on food instead?

I sighed again, glancing at the camera in the corner before looking back at the page.

Soon, my pretending to read turned into actual reading.

It wasn’t an overly wordy book or hard to understand. I wondered if it was meant for Russian’s trying to learn english. This actually worked in my favor since I hadn’t read a book in at least three years and I was unused to it. 

But I found my eyes glued to the pages after only one chapter. 

I didn’t know how long I laid there, becoming fascinated with the story. 

Suddenly, I heard a car door closing and I perked up a little. I looked to my right and saw that there were curtains that almost blended in completely with the wall. 

There was a window? I was stupid for not noticing before.

They must have been blackout curtains because no sunlight was peeking through.

I let the book fall by the wayside and I stood on the bed so that I may look out the window because it was higher up than the average window. 

I pulled the curtains back and observed the side of the house. I could see the ground that consisted of dying grass and dirt. It was winter, so there was some snow sprinkled around. There was an expanse of trees off in the distant and the dirt road disappeared between them. 

I wondered how far away the closest house was and, even if I did get there somehow, would they help me?

What if they didn’t even speak English?

There were tons of other things to worry about, so I just stuck to the plan to wait it out.

Mr Psycho had to make a mistake sometime right?

I watched the car that I could see out of the window and I saw a couple people get out of it. They looked almost just as stern and serious as Mr Psycho so I figured that they wouldn’t help me if I managed to get their attention.

I knew that this man had to be into some dark stuff. I mean…who in their right mind buys another human being?

Certainly not a nice, law-abiding citizen.

I watched the two men that exited the car disappear from view—I figured they entered the house, but I couldn’t be sure.

I sighed once again, having nothing interesting to look at any longer.

I moved away from the window, but left the curtains open, letting a little sunlight in.

I looked over at the camera in the corner and suddenly got the urge to jump on the bed. Would Mr Psycho come back and yell at me if I did?

Why did I sometimes have the urge to provoke him when it had only led to scary things so far?

I defiantly looked at the camera and began jumping on the bed a little. Soon, I began jumping higher and higher—all while staring at the camera.

I didn’t know how long I jumped for, but it didn’t seem that Mr Psycho cared…I guessed I was doing something other than wallowing in self pity and that’s what he wanted.

I let myself fall onto the bed, bouncing a little as I sat down.

Suddenly, the urge to pee came on and I scurried into the bathroom. 

I relieved myself and washed my hands.

I examined myself in the mirror, seeing that the bags that had been so prominent under my dark blue eyes, weren’t so prominent anymore. I wondered if that had something to do with the forced sleep I’d had for God knows how long.

My small fingers ran over the rest of my face—going over my small nose and my upper lip that was slightly bigger than the bottom one. 

I wondered if all these things I had never liked about myself are what drew my captor to me. Did he see these small imperfections as something beautiful?

That was troubling in more ways than one and I didn’t know how to feel, so I turned away from the mirror and went back into the main room.

I ran over to the bed—about to jump onto it—but my foot jammed into something underneath and I let out a shriek.

I hopped away and took my foot into my hand, feeling my stubbed toes. I bit my lip to keep from cursing. 

When my toes weren’t in pain anymore, I dropped my foot and kneeled down on the floor. I crawled over to the bed and reached a hand under the bedskirt to feel what I had kicked.

I felt something plastic and hard, making my eyebrows draw together.

I was boxy and when I found a handle, I pulled it partially out from underneath the bed. 

It was some kind of crate, grey in color. And quite a large one at that. 

There wasn’t a lock on it and I could very easily undo the latches and open it up to see what was inside. It was pretty weighty, so I figured it must be full. 

Just as I put a hand on one of the latches, I turned around and looked at the camera that was in the corner of the room.

Why was I always going back and forth on whether I wanted to obedient or do the opposite of what Mr Psycho wanted me to do?

Either way, I ended up being too scared to open the crate for fear of what my punishment might be. I pushed it back under the bed and straightened out the bedskirt.

I wrapped my arms around my bare chest, realizing my almost nakedness once again.

I crawled back on the bed and grabbed the book I had discarded. 

I decided to forget about the camera, forget about the crate under the bed, and even forget about anything else outside of this room.

I decided to immerse myself in a good book.

It had been a long time since I’d gotten lost in a story.


I lost track of time and the next time that I looked over at the window, it was completely dark. 

I marked my spot in the book by folding the page and then I set it aside. I stood up on the bed and looked out the window again, seeing the moon shining bright in the dark sky.

I jumped when I heard the bookcase on the other side of the door being pulled away. There was a beeping as the man entered numbers in the keypad.

I moved away from the window and sat down in the bed, carefully watching the door. 

Mr Psycho stepped into the room with another tray in his hands before shutting the door and locking it with his thumbprint.

He didn’t look at me as he carried the tray over to the table. He had everything situated just so and then he sat down in the chair. 

That’s when he turned to look at me.

I studied his face for a moment. His cold, grey eyes were the most prominent feature on his face, but he also had a straight nose and lips that were thin compared to mine, but were most likely average on everyone else. His thick brows moved and made his expression look hard.

“Kitten,” he said. “You will come kneel in front of me when I sit down. You should not have to be told. You should simply do it.”

I frowned at him, eyebrows drawing together. I didn’t want to move from the bed, but I was afraid of what he might do to me if I didn’t go to him.

I slowly got off the bed, moving closer to him to kneel at his feet.

I stared at the black shoes that he was wearing and wondered if he ever walked around barefoot in his own home.

He put a hand on my head and tensed. It was a firm pressure and he tangled his fingers into my hair. 

He played with my hair for a long time, causing goosebumps to break out over my skin. It was scary but a comforting touch and I was at war with my emotions. I was afraid that his touch would not be gentle for long and I was growing frightened. 

“My злые мечты, котенок,” he said, sounding calm as he continued running his fingers in my hair. “вещи, которые я хочу сделать с тобой.”

I stayed still, letting him touch me.

I knew that one word must have been kitten. He’d said it a few other times before, but I had no idea what any of the other words meant. I was curious, but not curious enough to ask because he probably wouldn’t give me an answer.

He finally pulled his hand away from my head.

“Are you hungry, my Sweet Kitten?” He asked.

I didn’t respond. 

I actually hadn’t said many words to him and I wondered if he even cared. 

He didn’t even know my name…did he care about that?

Or was I just Kitten and that was the end of it?

There was complete silence in the room and then he said in a sterner tone, “Kitten, ask me for some food.”

I knew he expected me to call him Master again and I wasn’t sure I could stoop that low a second time.

The food smelled good, but within a quick moment I decided that I could go without dinner. I wasn’t starving and I could wait. I didn’t need to cave and call him Master again.

He waited patiently and I finally dared to look up at him.

My heart started beating a little faster when I saw his dark glare. He was not happy with me at all.

“Are you not going to ask your Master for any dinner?” He asked, his voice sounded calmer than he appeared.

I looked up at, probably looking way too submissive. I slowly shook my head. 

“Very well. I guess you can live without a filling dinner.”

I thought he might get up and leave, but he didn’t. 

He sat there and pulled out his phone from his pocket. 

He began messing around on his phone and I continued to kneel at his feet.

Mr Psycho stayed there for a long while, sometimes just looking at his phone, and other times typing something out.

My legs were falling asleep and it was very uncomfortable.

He made no moves to get up and therefore I stayed in my position. 

I let out a silent sigh and rubbed my thighs with my hands, as if that would help.

Was he doing this on purpose? To punish me for not asking for any dinner?

I didn’t know how long we stayed there for, but my knees began to ache and my whole legs felt like they were being poked at with thousands of pins.

I whimpered, but he didn’t pay any attention to me.

Finally I whined, “Master, can I please move?”

I felt sick. I was ashamed of myself.

I had been so determined to stay strong, but he had been able to beat me once again. He was way better at this game than I was and knew exactly what to do. I didn’t stand a chance.

He looked down at me, a wicked expression on his face. He smirked and then nodded.

“Very good, Kitten,” he said as I stood on shaky legs. 

I backed away from him but then he immediately beckoned me over with a finger.

I looked down at walked towards him, some feeling coming back into my legs.

When I stood in front of him again, he said, “Turn around.”

I obeyed, turning to face away from him. 

It seemed he wanted to admire my ass.

I began to shake a little as he pulled down the panties, exposing my asscheeks completely.

He didn’t touch me though which was odd. He just looked at me.

I was on edge, but he didn’t touch me in any sexual way. He then pulled the panties back up.

“You may open it if you want,” he said suddenly.

I turned around carefully, not sure if it was allowed. He didn’t scold me though and I fully faced him. 

He motioned his head towards the bed and I figured that he meant the crate that was beneath it.

I swallowed.

He said, “Open it, котенок.”

I looked down and turned away from him. I slowly walked over to the bed and bent down to pull the crate out from underneath the bed.

I pulled it all the way out so I could open it. My small hands went to the latches and I undid them cautiously.

Once it was unlatched, I lifted the lid.

My heart stopped as I stared at what was inside.

“Don’t look so scared, Kitten,” he said in a cruel tone. “I know a whore when I see one. And you certainly are no virgin.”

I may have let out a small whimper as I stared at the sex toys and other kinky things

I recognized most of what was inside: lots of dildos, butt plugs, paddles, and nipple clamps. But there were a few things I didn’t recognize and didn’t want to find out how they worked.

I backed away from it, letting the lid slam shut.

As I backed up, I hit a solid wall of lean muscle.

I turned around and looked up at the tall man before me. 

He grinned maliciously and put his fingers on my chin.

“You don’t need to be worried. We’re not ready for that yet, are we?” 

I only breathed heavily, feeling on the verge of a panic attack. 

“Shh,” he whispered. “Calm down, my Little Kitten. Poor thing,” he almost cooed. “Such a timid and innocent thing, aren’t you? For being a whore.” He shook his head, tsking.

He ran a finger over my bottom lip and than thick upper one. 

He then stepped away from me. 

He collected the tray and started heading towards the door. I stayed stalk still, frozen to that spot.

“It is time for bed, Little Kitten,” he told me, standing by the door.

He shut off the light and I whined loudly. 

“No, please. I sleep with the light on. Please don’t turn it off,” I pleaded with him.

I couldn’t see his figure in the dark room, but I was sure he was staring at me. Could he see me? 

“Say ‘Goodnight, Master’ and I will leave it on,” he told me emotionlessly.

I whimpered for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight.

“Goodnight, Master,” I said quietly and then let out a small disappointed sigh.

He was quiet for a long time and I was afraid he was going to be cruel and not turn the light back on.

But finally he said, “Goodnight, Kitten.” He then turned the light back on.

When I could finally see again, I only got a view of his back as he left the room.

The door shut behind him and I was alone once again.

He expected me to go to sleep and I was a bit tired anyways, so I decided to just do what he wanted.

I quickly shoved the crate back under the bed, feeling creeped out just by touching it.

I pulled the covers back on the bed and quickly dived into it, pulling the covers completely over my head.

Through the white sheet and blanket I could still see a little light and I relaxed.

Or relaxed as much as I could in a place like this.

The first day was over…

Now I would just have to deal with everyday after.



“I’m scared,” the small boy said, shaking in the cold, dark room. 

The second boy—only a little larger than the first—moved from where he had been standing vigil at the door and came over to him. 

He sat cross-legged on the small dirty mattress that they shared each night. He wrapped his arm around the first boy and looked at those grey eyes of his.

“Nikolai,” the first boy said, shuddering. “So scared,” he mumbled.

“I know,” the second boy whispered, trying to sound comforting. 

At that age, the two could be mistaken for brothers although they were not.

“The man—he’s so scary,” the first boy repeated, a whine in his voice.

“I know,” the second boy said once again. “But we have each other and I’ll protect you.”

“You promise?” The first boy whimpered.

“Of course,” the second boy said with somewhat of a smile. “Have I ever let you down before, Alek?”

I sat up straight in bed, panting, clothes soaked from sweat.

I realized I was clutching at the sheets and I let go immediately, feeling disgusting with myself.

I got out of bed, dressed only in boxer briefs. My slightly muscled chest was damp from sweat.

Without deciding to do so, I began pacing around my bedroom—my thoughts troubled from the nightmare I’d had. 

My bare feet made no noise as I went back and forth across the wood floor. I continued this pacing for an indeterminable amount of time.

Suddenly, I stopped right in front of the bookcase on the right side of the room. 

My fingers went out to touch it and then my hand fell to my side.

I turned and walked towards the door, opening it and stepping out into the hallway.

I walked down the hall. A light was left on and I could easily see where I was going. I went to a door that was on the other side of the hall which the staircase split in half.

I opened the closed door and went inside, immediately going to the desk that held many computers. 

I sat down and quickly found the screen I wanted. All other screens, showing different parts of the house and grounds, were unimportant right now—I only wanted one.

I stared at the boy who was fast asleep in his bed. I was pleased that he had managed to fall asleep, but I could not place why I felt this way.

I would have entered the room and watched him sleep from there, but I knew the sound of the door opening would’ve most likely woken him. I didn’t want to wake up and deal with him. I just wanted to observe him while he slept.

I used the mouse on the desk to zoom in on the screen—to get a better view of the sleeping boy.

From this close, I could see the blanket rising and falling as chest moved up and down. 

His eyes had been so troubled since I had first seen him, his face was hardly relaxed. But now—I didn’t think I had ever seen someone look so peaceful as they slept. 

His blonde hair was fanned out against the pillow beneath his head and my fingers twitched as I longed to touch it. 

I didn’t know what my obsession—fixation—was about with him.

Because I was so focused on the screen that showed my sleeping Kitten, I didn’t see someone come up the stairs.

Alexei stood at the open door and said, “Sir, you’re awake,” sounding surprised.

I turned to glance at him, simply nodding my head once before I turned back to the screen.

He came a little further into the room and then could see what I was looking at on the computer.

“Would you like me to do something to help you sleep, Sir?” He asked politely.

I looked at him with no expression and said, “Go ahead.” I then looked back at my Kitten.

He came closer, kneeling before me. He pulled down my boxer briefs only enough to pull out my cock. 

He jacked it with his hand for a moment before putting his mouth on it. I rested my hand on his head and continued looking at the sleeping boy on the screen. 

Alexei gave it his all, almost fitting my whole cock into his mouth. He choked a little, pulling back, only to bob his head up and down on it.

Suddenly, I said, “Enough,” firmly, pushing his head away. “I’m not in the mood.”

He let my flaccid cock fall out of his mouth and he wiped his lips which we were wet.

I could see his submissive eyes out of the corner of mine.

“Go to bed,” I commanded. 

He nodded and stood up, not saying another word as he left the room.

Then it was just my Kitten and I. 

I tucked my cock back into my underwear and continued to watch the screen. 

My hand reached out, fingers stroking the screen where his figure was visible. I touched the screen in such a gentle way that I could never be with the real thing. 

I was a man that wanted to break and bruise and hurt.

My Sweet Kitten had no chance.

No one did.

But especially not him.

Because I wanted to hurt him more than anyone before.

And watch him break before my very eyes.

All while he loved every…single…second.

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  1. I actually wasn’t planning on reading SK now, but Aleksander and Max kept on playing in my mind that I just had to read them.😌 I’m glad that you thought of making this.


  2. I am so excited to find out what happened between now and where you ended BD and SD i love max and Aleksander so much already… So look exccited😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀


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