Sweet Kitten: Chapter Five


I slowly awoke, but I didn’t open my eyes.

I was the most comfortable I had ever been. My hands ran over the soft sheets under me. What thread count were they? They were so fucking soft.

The comforter covering me was weighty and just right. I usually slept with thin, light blankets and this much heavier one felt so nice and comforting.

The room smelled a lot nicer than I remembered my bedroom in my apartment smelling. I couldn’t quite place the smell…it wasn’t anything distinct. It just wasn’t the underlying filth kind of scent I was used to in my apartment. 

I let out a happy sigh and wiggled around a little bit.

All I saw were the reddish color of my closed eyelids as the light from the bedroom and the light from outside poured into the room.

I was so happy and content that I never wanted to move. Not ever.

I couldn’t remember being more at peace.

But that all ended when I was thrown back into reality by the sound of the bookcase sliding away on the other side of the door.

I immediately sat up in bed, a look of horror on my face.

I had actually been happy! I had been comfortable and pleased to be here!

I felt sick to my stomach.

I had an intense visceral reaction when I saw Mr Psycho come in.

I wanted to growl and bare my teeth.

I kept my anger and confusion inside me though, trying to hide how upset I was.

I couldn’t believe I had been so happy a moment before and now all I felt was dread.

Mr Psycho came in to room, wearing a black suit like he usually was. His shirt was white and it was opened just a little bit, as if he hadn’t finished getting ready. His skin was slightly peaking through, showing sparse, dark chest hair.

He took a seat at the small table after setting down the tray he usually brought. As I sat on the bed, I looked over and saw that the food may be some kind of oatmeal.

He had a newspaper with him again and he took it out from under his arm before setting it down on the table.

He didn’t look at it though, because his eyes turned to me, giving me a hard glare.

“Kitten,” he said, his tone a serious growl. “What have I told you? I know you can’t be that stupid.” When I didn’t move, and I just sat on the bed with the covers over my lower half, he eyes turned into what I imagined a demon would look like. “Kneel,” he said in such a calm way that a shudder ran through my entire body.

With the scowl still prominent on my face, I got off the bed and approached him very slowly. 

We both watched each other, me with my scowl and him with his demon eyes and falsely calm expression.

I ever so slowly walked up to him.

And then…I spat at him.

My saliva landed right on his cheek and I didn’t even have a chance to show him my smug grin, because he was up out of the chair, practically roaring as he slid his arm and hit the tray of the table. The bowl and glass of juice shot into the air and then clattered to floor, spraying oatmeal, juice, and glass everywhere.

I didn’t get a chance to react to the bits of food and glass that landed around me before I was being backhanded across the face.

I cried out, holding my cheek as I fell against the bed.

Mr Psycho was on me, gripping my neck. I was splayed against the edge of the bed and he was practically on top of me.

Those demons eyes were full of more malice than I had ever seen them.

I whimpered and then he said, “Kitten. Oh, Kitten. You shouldn’t have done a silly thing like that.”

He used his strong grip to flip me over, so I was bent over the bed with my bottom half hanging off the edge.

Then there was a hard smack against my asscheek. I cried out again.

He began abusing my ass mercilessly and I weeped large, fat tears that fell onto the bedcovers. 

Mr Psycho growled and grunted and I was more afraid of what he was going to do after he beat my ass.

An ass beating I could take, but I was afraid I could not take him forcing his way inside me.

I sobbed at the thought of it, more concerned of what he was planning to do next than what he was doing now.

My ass was burning but I had other thoughts.

I had angered him so much. Why was I so stupid? Why did I have to do that?

I asked all these questions over and over as he slapped me again and again and again.

Eventually the beating stopped after an indeterminable amount of time.

A quiet and very still moment passed as I heard both of our heaving breathing.

I was waiting with baited breath to see what he was going to do.

I heard footsteps and they felt like shots firing from a gun in the small room.

My eyes flitted to the left and I watched as he exited the room with his head held high and his body tense.

The door closed behind him and then I was all alone.

I let out sob and then covered my mouth.

I crawled further up the bed and then sat down in the middle of it.

I wiped my tears away. One hand fell into my lap and I jumped.

I looked down and saw my erection that was slightly tenting the panties I was wearing.

My hand went to my mouth, looking down with shock and horror.


I shook my head very quickly, back and forth. Then I grabbed the blanket, pulling it closer to me and wrapping it all around my body.

There was no way I got an erection from him smacking my ass like that. 

I tenderly touched my cheek from where he had slapped me across the face. It had stopped burning, but my ass hadn’t. And the fact that it was still sensitive and sore as I was seated on the mattress kept my cock slightly hard.

I felt disgusted with myself.

Do you want you touch yourself, Kitten?

I knew he hadn’t actually said the words, but I could hear the Russian voice in my head, laughing at me.

I slammed my fists against the bed and growled at myself.

Then I heard loud noises coming from the other side of the wall.

I sat still, quiet. I listened.


It was a man’s voice, but certainly wasn’t Mr Psychos. It just didn’t match.

There was a loud scream and then I began hearing the headboard banging against the wall on the other side.

My mouth dropped open in disgust.

He was fucking someone?

Right now?

Where I could hear it?

What the fuck was going on?

I thought the noises were screams of pain at first, but then I could tell—after I heard the headboard banging—that whoever it was being fucked, was actually quite enjoying themselves. 

My nose scrunched up as the man’s screams became louder and louder, the headboard pounding against the wall. 

This was absolutely ridiculous!

I groaned and threw myself down on the bed on my stomach and put a pillow over my head to muffle the sounds.

I did not want to hear Mr Psycho fucking someone right after he had beat me like that. Why would I want to hear someone being pleasured after he had caused me pain?

This was cruel and I felt like he was doing it on purpose.

Or maybe he was getting his anger out on this other man instead of raping me?

I was so confused.

The pillow did little to muffle the sounds of them fucking. 

My erection had gone away completely now but my ass still burned from the abuse it had endured.

It seemed like only the man being fucked was making noises of pleasures I couldn’t hear Mr Psycho at all.

I hoped he was still stewing in anger. He deserved it.

I hated him.

I despised him with my entire being.

My body shook with hatred as I thought about him. 

And I hoped that other guy would shut his fucking mouth. The last thing I wanted to hear right now was how much he was enjoying himself.

Eventually, I heard one final scream that was louder than all the rest. The one being fucked had finally come.

I felt sick.

I wanted to vomit but there was nothing in my stomach.

As I heard the other man coming down from his orgasm and speaking quiet Russian to Mr Psycho, I felt more disgusted than ever.

I hated them both.


I would’ve tried to clean up a little bit. The mess was really beginning to bother me, but I was afraid I would step on a shard of glass with my bare feet. I didn’t want to risk being injured when I didn’t know when the man would be back or if he would care at all if I was hurt.

He probably wouldn’t.

He had slapped my cheek and my ass. He clearly didn’t mind causing me pain.

I was stuck on the bed because I didn’t want to step on any glass on the floor. But I found my discarded book from yesterday and picked it up to read it once again.

I wasn’t as interested in it as I was yesterday. It just didn’t grab my attention anymore.

I tossed it aside and buried my face in the pillow.

Why did my life have to turn out like this?

How long had I been gone?

Was Ricky missing me? Was he worrying about me?

I hoped he was. He was all I had. He was the only one there was left to worry about me. 

I hoped he was at least attempting to find me, even if it was a useless cause. I was all the way in Russia now. He would never find me.

I was on my own.

Just as I thought that, the bookcase began moving on the other side of the door.

I whimpered and pushed myself into the corner, pulling my legs to my chest.

I guess I wasn’t as confident as I was earlier.

Why did you have to spit at him, Max? That stupid action is only going to make your life miserable. 

I huddled in the corner, waiting for the man to come in.

I was shocked when I saw that it was not Mr Psycho who entered the room.

It was the skinny brown haired, blue eyed guy I had seen when I first arrived here. I recalled his name was Alexei.

“Hello,” he said quietly and carried a tray of food into the room.

He brought it to the table and set it down. I watched him with wide eyes that were filled with confusion. 

Why was he here instead of Mr Psycho? What was going on?

I felt completely uneasy even though it didn’t seem like Alexei intended to hurt me. He seemed harmless in fact.

After he set down the food, he pulled out a small sweeper and dustpan that had been tucked under his arm.

I scooted over on the bed and watched, a curious look on my face, as he began cleaning up the shards of glass and bits of food.

“I’ll have to get a mop in here and really clean,” he said conversationally. 

I didn’t know what I was supposed to say to that. So instead, I just watched him clean.

As I watched him, I noticed something.

He was walking around quite gingerly. Almost like he was in pain.

Actually, just like he was in pain. 

He turned his head just so and I got a glimpse of a prominent bite mark on his neck.

I frowned, not knowing how I felt.

He was the one Mr Psycho was fucking?

Well, better him than me, I immediately thought.

I watched Alexei finish up his cleaning and then he took the dust pan to the garbage in the bathroom.

I looked at the door that was slightly ajar. It wasn’t able to lock because Alexei’s thumbprint wouldn’t work like Mr Psycho’s.

But before I could make a move, Alexei came back from the bathroom and stood in a spot in the room where it would be impossible to get passed him without him grabbing me and trying to stop me. 

He motioned towards the table. “All the glass is cleaned up. You can eat now. You must be hungry,” he said in a pleasant tone, his Russian accent somehow not sounding as harsh as Mr Psycho’s.

I slowly got off the bed, carefully putting my feet on the floor as if I thought there might still be glass. But it appeared that Alexei had done a good job of cleaning it up. 

There was still a little bit of food on the ground that he said he would have to mop up, but it had much improved from the mess there was earlier.

I hesitated by the table.

Was I allowed to sit? I felt ever weirder if was expected to kneel for Alexei. I would probably spit at him too if he forced me to do that.

But Alexei smiled and said, “Sit.”

I blinked and took the seat across from the one Mr Psycho usually sat at. Alexei decided to take that chair and he winced a little when he sat.

He pushed the tray towards me. 

I looked down to see some kind of bread that was rolled and fried. There were three of them, similar to the shape of a burrito.

“Blinis,” Alexei said after I stared at them for a moment. When I didn’t touch them, he laughed a little. “Try them. They’re good.”

I took the fork and knife and cut into one. It was filled with some kind of meat and I took a bite.

It was actually really delicious. And when the food touched my tongue I quickly realized how hungry I was. 

I didn’t have dinner last night or breakfast this morning. But I tried not to scarf the food. I didn’t want to seem impolite around Alexei.

He was a very poised young man, looking to be about twenty. He was awfully thin, but so was I. On me, it looked unhealthy. On him, it looked natural. He must’ve just been built that way.

“Did you make this?” I asked him, taking a break from chewing.

He nodded with small smile. “I make all the food here.”

His fingers touched the bite mark on his neck and my eyes honed in on it. 

I still was so unsure how I felt about that. How could Alexei—who seemed like a nice guy—stand to be fucked by a monster like that?…And enjoy it?

“It’s really good,” I told him truthfully.

“Thank you—“ He stopped short and then said, “I don’t know your name.” He looked curious. He had such a gentle and sweet face. I wondered how he had come to work for a man like Mr Psycho.

“My name is Max,” I said quietly. It was the first time I had said my name to anyone since I had been taken from my home.

My lip trembled a little at that thought.

“I’m Alexei,” he said, obviously not noticing that I was sad. “It is nice to meet you, Max.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “It’s nice to meet you too.”

I hadn’t expected Alexei to be so kind.

But I had mixed feelings about him. 

How could someone so nice be able to live with themselves after being fucked by that demon?

After a moment, I tilted my head towards the door that was still slightly ajar. “What his name?”

Even with the door unlocked and open, I knew I wasn’t getting out of this house, or even very far away from it if I did manage to get outside. There was no way that Mr Psycho wouldn’t be able to chase me down and catch me…and then only God knew what he would do to me then.

I shuddered at the thought.

“Mr Lenkov?” Alexei asked, cocking his head slightly.

I nodded. “What’s his first name?” I asked.

Alexei’s mouth twitched. “Aleksander.”


It was a pretty nice name…for a demon to have.

I couldn’t stop myself from asking, “He did that to you?” My eyes looking at the bite mark on his neck.

He blushed immediately and covered it with a hand. He looked down at the table like he was very embarrassed.

I also couldn’t stop the next question from coming out of my mouth, “Are you in love with him?”

Alexei then looked amused. He smiled at me. “No. But Mr Lenkov isn’t always such a bad man,” he told me. I didn’t believe him. “If you listened, I’m sure you would come to find that out.”

I scowled and looked away.

I went silent and continued eating my food.

I was mad that Alexei suggested that I should go along and obey Aleksander. 

I was not a pet…I was not his Sweet Kitten. I was a human being. And I had been bought like livestock and brought to a foreign country. Then I was locked up in a small room with no way out.

And Alexei expected me to “listen” to him?

I instantly didn’t like him anymore.

I thought he might be on my side. Maybe could even be my friend.

But I was completely wrong.

He was on that demon’s side.

Alexei continued, “You shouldn’t anger him. He is a very calm man unless something happens.” I was very tense, clutching the fork and knife in my hand. I suddenly realized that I had two weapons…how did I not think of this before. “He wouldn’t hurt you if you just did as he said.”

“SHUT UP!” I screamed. 

I pointed the knife at him.

He quickly grabbed my wrist, squeezing. He pressed on my hand with his fingers and I suddenly felt pain as he hit a pressure point. My hand opened and the knife fell to the table.

He quickly snatched up the fork from my other hand and the knife from the table.

He frowned, but didn’t look angry. Maybe just hurt?

“I’m sorry, Max. I didn’t want to do that,” he told me. I scowled at him, almost baring my teeth. “You’re only making things worse for yourself.” He shook his head.

He grabbed the tray from earlier, the one that Aleksander had brought in with breakfast. He held it, along with the fork and knife and said, “You can eat with the blinis with your hands. You should really think next time, Max.”

He began walking towards the door and I watched him go.

He stopped in the doorway, turning to look at me for a moment. 

“You would be really lucky to have a man like Mr Lenkov on your side. Instead you’re making him your enemy.” 

He shook his head as if he disappointed. He then went through the door and left the room.

He entered the code on the other side of the door and it shut.

I heard the bookcase sliding over the closed door.

Then it was just me.

Me and my thoughts—the pain, the confusion, and the worry.

Alexei was insane.

No one could be lucky to have a man like that demon.

He was the worst kind of human being.

He was disgusting, evil, and foul.

My nose scrunched up and I pushed the tray of food away from me.

I had no friends in this house. I needed to accept that not even someone like Alexei would help me—even if he said that he wasn’t in love with Aleksander, he had to be a little bit with how loyal he seemed to him.

I was stuck in a house with a demon and all the people who did his bidding.

I was on my own.

Just like I always had been in life. 

Some people came, some people went…but really—even with Ricky—at the end of the day, all I had was myself.

And that was all I would ever have.


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